What is Wuhu?

Wuhu is a compact, lightweight Party Management System (PMS), ideally designed for aiding demoparty organizers in tasks such as collecting entries, managing voting and conveying information through the bigscreen.

Wuhu was created specifically for the Function party series, mainly because we felt that the only available alternative (at the time), PartyMeister, was simply too large for a party like us.

Our system provides a compact, viable alternative to other such systems. If you don't like ours, you're welcome to try others: Assembly's PMS, Partymeister 1.0 or 2.0.

Parties that used Wuhu

What does Wuhu offer?

How it looks

The beamer in action - note how the layout is fully customizable to be either the "classic" Partymeister look or be something completely different:

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The admin interface:



Optimally, Wuhu requires two computers: A server, and a beamer.

The former is usually a Unix-based LAMP server, requiring Apache 2, PHP 5+ with GD2, MySQL 5.x+ and optionally a nameserver. (WAMP or non-Apache servers might very well work, we never tried.)

The latter is usually a laptop: With version 1.4, Wuhu features a HTML5 / CSS3-based slide system based on reveal.js. The upsides of this system are platform independency (all it needs is a browser) and more flexibility - we're planning on deprecating the "native" slide viewer at some point. If you still want to use that, it runs on any sort of Windows-based computer with really basic hardware acceleration, with the latest DirectX runtimes installed.

If you have no expendable computers, it has been proven that the server may very well run in an emulated environment such as VirtualBox, even on the same machine as the beamer, at the expense of additional load on that machine. (This has been tested to work even with a cheapo netbook, although of course it wasn't fast. A Raspberry Pi might serve well for a party of ~100.)

Features missing and to-do list


Note: If you want to install Wuhu on a blank Linux system, you can use this script to do most of the heavy lifting (i.e. system installation and configuration) for you.

After downloading, refer to the README.txt for installation details. You can also refer to the LICENSE.txt if you're totally clueless.

Report bugs and contribute code at https://github.com/Gargaj/wuhu.

Credits and contacts

Wuhu was created and is maintained by Gargaj / Conspiracy.

Additional effort by:

We do have a license, even if it's absolutely unnecessary and you'll be wasting your time reading it.

The name

[23:08:15] <GargajCNS> oh and
[23:08:21] <GargajCNS> since you're the maiden flight for the engine
[23:08:26] <GargajCNS> you can pick a name for it!
[23:08:36] <Puryx> wuhu! :D
[23:08:41] <GargajCNS> that's good